Saturday, 20 August 2016

Bhagat Law Firm - Immigration Attorney

Bhagat Law is a boutique immigration practice based in the Washington DC area with a satellite office in the Houston, TX metro area.

The Law Office began in Memphis, TN in 1996. Nimmo Bhagat, the founding attorney, practiced in the area in immigration law from 1996 until 2015 when she left the practice to become an Immigration Judge in Houston, Texas.. After working in New York in criminal and juvenile law, in Virginia in criminal and family law, and training under Nimmo Bhagat in immigration law, Pooja Bhagat expanded the practice to nationally with the main office in the Washington DC metropolitan area, as Bhagat Law. The attorneys worked and trained very closely on all matters, and Pooja Bhagat now travels between offices to manage cases. Pooja has thoroughly studied immigration law and procedure and are well versed in the same.
On the business side of immigration, the practice has handled numerous H1 visas, employment based green cards, and related matters. We have handled immigration issues for employers such as H petitions, L petitions, Perm processing of Labor Certification, I-140s, I-485, etc.  We also assist Employers in compliance issues as to the USCIS and the Department of Labor, such as I-9s, e-verify, maintaining documents and filing LCA’s as needed, and also assist in DOL audits of Employers with foreign workers.  We also work with self-petitioning EB visas as well. On the business side, we work closely with foreign investors for immigrant and non-immigrant visas.  Additionally, we work in more specialized visas such as performer visas, athletic visas, extraordinarily achievement, and temporary religious visas. As an additional non-immigration service, we draft and review contracts for our business clients who may have such needs.
In terms of asylum and refugee matters, the practice has handled more than six hundred (600) asylum cases before the Immigration Judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals and two cases before the Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit. Recent challenging cases have been asserting asylum claims based on homo sexuality, polygamy, forced marriage, witch craft, FGM and domestic abuse; past challenging cases have included asserting claims based on slavery, religious views, ethnicity and political opinion.

We also handle all forms of family based immigration, adjustment of status, consular processing, waivers of grounds of inadmissibility, fiancé visas, VAWA petitions, and other visas based on humanitarian grounds.
Bhagat Law Firm considers itself an immigration practice by immigrants for immigrants. We aspire to provide the highest level of dedicated service and representation to our clients. We work on payment plans for the convenience of our clients. Bhagat Law prides itself on giving each client the individualized time and attention their particular situation requires and seeks to help in any way we can. While certain outcomes are impossible to guarantee in legal matters, Bhagat Law guarantees that our clients will leave satisfied with the level of excellence and care in our services. We seek to build relationships with our clients; therefore we will not rest until your matter is resolved to the best of our ability.